Impact Doors

                Betterview Windows also carries impact doors.  These doors not only will protect you from a 
                storm but they will also keep you safe from forced entry.  Whether you are looking for a hinged door
                or a sliding door your options are endless.  while adding beauty and elegance to any patio or room
                these doors give you the safety, security, and protection you want and need. 

                 Neuma Impact Doors:

                 Vinyl interlayer holds broken glass together maintaining a strong barrier

                 Impact resistant Neuma Doors represent a quantum leap in protecting property and
                 people during hurricanes and violent storms. In terms of safety, value, quality and
                 product performance, Neuma Doors give architects, designers, builders and homeowners
                 a new and clearly superior choice when choosing protection and security.


                 Neuma Impact Rated Doors combine 100% composite jambs, heavy-duty fiberglass door
                 panels and impact-resistant 1” insulated laminated glass to provide you with superior defense
                 and reassurance in windstorm and hurricane locations.

                Center Hinged Patio Door     Double Hinged Patio Door  
                                  Center Hinged Door                                                            Double Hinged Doors

                                                  Easy Glide Patio Doors                  
                                                                           Gliding Patio Doors


                Plastpro Impact Entry Doors:

                Plastpro understands the importance of your home as a reflection of who you are. That's 
                why they provide a wide selection of product styles and sizes of their fiberglass entry doors,
                featuring their renowned Hydroshield Technology™. Plastpro PF™ Frames are the only full
                length composite door frames in the industry available for Arch or Radius Top doors. 

                While other companies may use a few inches of composite material finger jointed to wood at 
                the bottom of their frames, Plastpro is proud to offer 100% full-length composite frames.

                Impact Entry Door 1     Impact Entry Door 2

               Impact Entry Door 3     Impact Entry Door 4