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Hurricane Shutters windows and doors

Thursday, April 14, 2011
It has been a few weeks since the strong storms hit our area and it is amazing the damage that was caused.  The storms that came through were not even hurricane strength and the damage they did to our area (Clearwater, St. Petersburg) was very evident.  This goes to show you that strong windows and hurricane protection is imperative for protection against the coming hurricane season.  Not only will these products protect you from the storms but it can also add piece of mind that your home will be safe, and there really is nothing better than piece of mind when a storm is heading your way.  If you live on the beaches in our area like Indian Rocks beach, St. Pete Beach or even Clearwater beach, then you saw quite a bit of the damage of  what a minimal storm can do.  Now is the time to be prepared against the true storms, the strong ones that can do so much more.  Every home is different and every home owner is different, we are definitely aware of that, so that is why we like to schedule you a free in home estimate to come and evaluate your home and what your specific wants and need are.  Now keep in mind also to those of you that live on the beaches especially in the condominiums, that if your hurricane shutters are 7 years old or even older, then you are in need of new hurricane protection.  With the new building codes in place currently your existing shutters that are older than 7 years may not hold up to the elements.  So give us a call to see what options are best for your home at 727-320-9343.  Our estimates are free and informative.   You can see all of our products and even our customer reviews throughout our website.  Below are a few quick links to the pages on our site with helpful information.



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